30 Poems in 30 Days

Have you ever wanted to try writing poetry? Join in this event writing 30 poems in 30 days and watch your poetry prowess emerge.

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In the wordless

netaṃ mama
neso ham asmi
nam eso attā

not mine
not me
not myself

like a tree lets go
of its flowers
and fruit
and leaves

this one lets go
of poems that are not hers
that came together
from many conditions

may they sparkle
on their journey
from branch to ground

and some of them
be picked up by a child
and pressed in a book

fare thee well, words
fare thee well, friends

in the wordless
we meet intimately
and never part

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our city councillors don’t want to call this
the city of champions anymore
true, our hockey team totally sucks these days
but I don’t think this greeting at our city limits
was ever about sports

rather it tells a traveller
that here live scores of people
who unfazed by blizzards or mosquitoes
go out every day and care for this community
like true champions

— like the educators who work with street kids and refugees
the organizers of theatre troupes and orchestras
and neighborhood sports teams and summer festivals
the first nation people who are idle no more
the old ladies who pick up the trash on the street
those who readily smile and let you into traffic and hold a door —

they are the throbbing life blood of this city
and may they be hailed on every artery that leads into it

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when I get really old
maybe eighty six or so
I’ll start smoking a pipe

it keeps your hands nimble
with all the stuffing and cleaning
and it keeps the mosquitoes away
and above all
it smells heavenly

I will walk around
(if I still can)
like a living incense stick
and bless all beings
on my out-breath

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Swept up by




or sounds

What is anxious

in sparrow

is also


in me.

To be, to thrive

to grow

a momentum

greater then will

or spirit

greater then


While what is truly

at peace



The Earth knows


this one



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